David Lloyd

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            - "Why I May Still Be Canadian"
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Teacher & Linguist: ETNI
Environmentalist: CEI
Desert Rat: Sde Boker

David Lloyd has over 27 years of teaching
experience in EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
and working with computers in education.
Considered a trailblazer in the use of the
Internet in education, he has trained students
and teachers in different parts of the world
on how to set up interactive project-based
web sites for educational purposes.

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     As I Died Laughing

When Michael creates a virtual character
to seduce his wife, he quickly loses
control over his creation, slipping into
a world where he no longer knows where
reality ends and fiction begins.

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Why I May Still Be Canadian

An irreverent look at all things Canadian and Israeli by a Canadian expat who somehow ended up in self-exile somewhere in the empty expanse of the Negev desert. David Lloyd left his native Canada at the age of 18, but it took him over 35 years of living in Israel before he was ready to take on the name of expat. And in doing so, he set out to understand the true meaning of the word through the writing of this blog

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